company profile

 STF GmbH is a company which specialises in two different markets, but which are again strongly connected. 

On the one hand, we offer our services in forestry as a forestry company. In this area we offer a comprehensive service and have specialised in soil-friendly timber harvesting with light forestry machines. However, we also carry out professional garden and safety timber harvesting as well as all types of clearing of building sites.  In the summer months we have developed a good and highly interesting niche market with our landscape and nature conservation services.

In the second company area, we maintain a well-equipped customer workshop with a focus on forestry technology. We develop and build the tracked forwarder FM4060 as our own product and since 2019 we are the official dealer for Malwa forestry machines from Sweden. In our workshop special machines are built, vehicle superstructures are constructed, customer machines are maintained and our technical knowledge is constantly extended. All planning and developments are carried out or initiated by us. 

Wherever possible, we work with regional suppliers and processors. With the tracked forwarder FM4060 we create a high quality product, which allows an economical and at the same time soil protecting cultivation from normal to special terrain.
We set ourselves high quality standards in our work and pay great attention to environmental compatibility, environmental protection and resource conservation.