Tracked Forwarder FM4060

The ground-friendly forwarder for the highest demands in professional use! 
Compact, manoeuvrable and powerful

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 Too wet, too narrow, too steep, unstable slopes - where other machines have had to give up long ago, the tracked forwarder FM4060 can do amazing things - and it does so in a way that is gentle on the soil and economical, both in normal operations and on extremely difficult terrain.

Intelligent drive system

Hydrostatically driven on all four crawlers, the intelligently designed "Swisstraction" drive system ensures plenty of tractive power, optimum handling and off-road capability. The system guarantees a controlled
Power distribution to all four tracks - and all purely hydraulic!
 This prevents the caterpillars from slipping and the ground surface is only slightly torn open when cornering.

flexible undercarriage

A triple bogie system at the rear and a double bogie system at the front, together with the 3D articulated joint, allow great off-road capability without losing grip and traction.
This allows the crawler tracks to rest almost completely on the ground even when driving through ditches and over slopes - only in this way do the crawlers fulfil their purpose and constantly ensure low ground pressure and full driving power.

More operating days in uncertain weather

Thanks to the optimum weight/performance ratio, the operating time of the machine is many times longer than that of a heavy machine. 
This means for you as an entrepreneur:  
More operating days, entrepreneurial freedom, a larger operating time window thanks to better weather independence and a machine for the most varied and diverse uses in the countryside. 

Infinitely versatile

 With its four wide tracks and low weight, the FM4060 tracked forwarder is an ideal carrier vehicle for tasks in landscape conservation and nature protection. 

With a mounted three-way tipper, material transports can be carried out in alpine or moorland areas. 

Maximum soil protection

Thanks to the low weight of maximum approx. 10.5t and the 50cm wide tracks, the FM4060 crawler forwarder achieves maximum soil protection even during several load runs, even if the weather is not ideal and periods of ground frost or snow are increasingly absent. As a result, there is practically no need to reinstate the tracks after the job is done and costs such as preparing the embankment or meadows that need to be reseeded are avoided.

strong crane, fast hydraulics and solid vehicle frame

A powerful 4.5mt Cranab crane with an outreach of 6.1m, driven by an axial piston variable displacement pump, ensures fast operation with optimum energy efficiency. The crane's forces are transmitted to the ground via support legs. These protect the vehicle frame and massively increase stability. The closed vehicle frame made of high-strength steel guarantees durability and stability.

technical data

In the current brochure you will find all data on the FM4060 with motor stage 5