forestry Work


The topic of soil damage caused by the use of heavy forestry machines on the wrong soil or at the wrong time is a constant and tiresome topic in forestry. The vitality of the forest, the water balance and the whole associated system suffers as a result. And last but not least the forest owner and his users.

We have specialised in the forestry use of light yet powerful machines such as the FM4060 tracked forwarder and its combination. This allows us to offer an extremely soil-friendly and efficient solution for timber harvesting in simple, wet or steep terrain.

With a maximum width of 180 cm, our small forestry machines require no or only narrow back roads to be cut. The design of the machines (low ground pressure due to low weight and wide tracks or wheels) also eliminates the need to lay carpets of branches and yet there is no permanent damage to the ground. This makes the clearing work in the woodcut considerably easier, there are NO repair costs. The fast hydraulics make efficient work possible even at medium stand densities. Old horse tracks or narrow footpaths can be reused and driven on by us even without cost-intensive road renewal, this enables us a high economic efficiency and environmental compatibility, which will also convince you.